Wine-ish specialises in wine marketing, wine events, digital content creation and wine education. We are dedicated to bringing you wine experiences by empowering your palates; making wine easy to find, easy to experience and easy to buy. We navigate the world of wine with a youthful vibrancy as women who believe deeply that their dreams are valid, and that the world of wine creates opportunities for people of all kinds to connect through different tastes and experiences.

Jozi Meets the Farm

The City of Gold meets The Cape Winelands. We are passionate about connecting South African wineries to an emerging market of young-ish professionals who want to learn and experience more about the world of wine.

Develop Your Palate

We aim to give you a place to start and grow your palate through carefully crafted, easily digestible, and expertly curated content, and experiences. Learn as much or as little as you like from our tasting events, content offering, educational tasting guides and pairings of all sorts.


Our expert curation frees you to try unique wines and experiences that you wouldn’t usually pick yourself without upsetting your taste buds! We move through the journey of wine by helping you understand wine characteristics through educational (and always entertaining) experiences.

Live Soft

We believe life should be as easy (and as good) as wine. With new experiences, adventurous locations, tantalising tastes and travels, Wine-ish serves to surprise, delight and inspire soft-living. We are on a mission to open up the wine industry to curious, young and old, experienced and non-experienced lovers of life. Perfect for all who like things, Wine-ish is the ideal companion for you as you pursue new experiences and smash stereotypes.


Palesa Mapheelle and Hlumelo Williams

We created Wine-ish to provide you with memorable, relatable, and enjoyable wine experiences. It is our mission to debunk wine, the drinking of it, and challenge the industry while ultimately transforming it. We do this while maintaining our shared values; expert knowledge, community and curiosity which further accelerate the space we are committed to growing.

Educating curious wine lovers on wine (and ish) is what we exist to do.

Our Relationships